The Frederick Hotel

The Frederick Hotel Lobby

The Frederick is how you do New York

I recently took a trip to New York. While I was there, I stayed at The Frederick Hotel. I was in town for the BlogHer18 Health conference. The hotel was right in the middle of Manhattan, in the Tribeca area, and only a 15 minute walk from where the conference was being held.

The Frederick Hotel

The Frederick Hotel, formerly known as The Cosmopolitan Hotel was spectacular. I couldn’t have picked a better location. Since this was my first time in New York I extended my trip by a few days to explore the city. The hotel was within walking distance of the tourist attractions that I had planned. If I had to take the subway there was a subway entrance on the corner of the block.

The staff at the front desk were very friendly. On the day that I arrived it was 8am and my room wasn’t ready. Check in wasn’t until 3pm. The doorman was kind enough to put my luggage into holding until my room was ready.

The Suite Life

I booked a “Superior Single” hotel room. It came furnished with a double bed and a writing desk. Above the writing desk was a flat screen tv. Next to that there was a linen closet that came equipped with a safe, iron, ironing board, umbrella, and hangers.

Did I mention that the hotel came with complimentary wifi?

The bathroom was my favorite part of the room. It was so cute. The tile in the shower displayed a map of New York. Also, On the vanity were complimentary bottles of bathroom amenities by the name of “C.O. Bigelow”.

Superior Single Suite

The Frederick Hotel Robe

Superior Single Suite Bathroom

Superior Single Suite Shower

After I settled into the hotel room I got dressed and went downstairs. I asked the doorman where he would suggest I have dinner and he recommended the Italian restaurant next door, The Serafina. It was perfect. When I arrived back at the hotel I thanked the doorman for his suggestion. That I had enjoyed myself. When I walked into my hotel suite I was greeted with chocolates on my pillow. I thought that was a really sweet touch. I snuggled up in the robe provided and ate a chocolate before bed.

The Frederick Hotel Chocolates

Fitness Center

Even though this was a business trip that turned into a mini vacation I still managed to hit the gym. I was really impress by the fitness center at the hotel. It was decently equipped with a little bit of everything. It had kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, and a multipurpose machine. Not to mention a treadmill, elliptical and a bicycle. I did most of my cardio as I was walking around the city. However, I did squeeze in a shoulder workout one night after the conference.

The Frederick Hotel Fitness Center

Room Service

On my last day in New York I decided to ordered room service for breakfast. To my surprise the restaurant next door, The Serafina, provided room service for the hotel. I had enjoyed my dinner the other night, so I knew breakfast would be no different. For breakfast, I ordered yogurt and granola that came with blueberries and strawberries. I also ordered a fruit salad, and a side of eggs with orange juice. Everything was delicious.


I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at The Frederick Hotel and would highly recommend it to anyone visiting New York. I came to appreciate the boutique hotel for the ambiance and personal guest service.

While I was in New York, I vlogged the entire trip for my YouTube channel. Click the link below to see my first day in New York. If you want to see a tour of my hotel room, fast forward to 3:43.

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