Take A Stroll On The Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale

Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale

Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale

Take a stroll on the Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale. The weekend before last, I explored the Riverwalk in Fort Lauderdale. The Riverwalk is a mile long trail located along the north and south banks of the New River in Downtown, Fort Lauderdale. It consists of parks, restaurants, recreational areas, and museums. The Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale is also known as, Florida’s Most Beautiful Mile.

Riverwalk Park

The Riverwalk Park is a waterfront park in the middle of Downtown, Fort Lauderdale. Every weekend you can find an activity or event being hosted in this area. There is a free jazz concert on the first Sunday of every month, with local vendors selling hand crafted items, food, and drinks. It just so happen to be the first Sunday when I went so I got to witness the jazz concert first hand.

Take A Stroll On The Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale

911 Monument

There is a 911 monument on the Riverwalk. The 911 monument displays a path rail segment from the tracks from the World Trade Center wreckage. If it wasn’t for the rectangular concrete benches surrounding the monument. I would have walked right past it. This is a nice area to take a break and enjoy the view of the New River.

911 Monument Riverwalk

The “Thrive” Sculpture

“Thrive” is the name of the sculpture that you can see along the Riverwalk. The sculpture is of a women with her hands opening a passageway thru her chest that is laced with ferns.Β The sculpture is made out of glass fiber reinforced concrete, is 27 feet tall, and weighs almost 14 tons. The artist Daniel Popper, described the sculpture as a woman made of stone with a hard exterior opening herself up to reveal her interior garden. I think that is a beautiful way to describe this sculpture. It’s absolutely breathtaking when you first see it.

Thrive Sculpture

The Stranahan House

The Stranahan House is Fort Lauderdale’s oldest surviving home. Frank Stranahan built the Stranahan House in 1901. He is Fort Lauderdale’s founding father. Because the city of Fort Lauderdale first started with the Stranahan House and then the city flourished around it. The Stranahan House has been converted into a historic house museum that you can visit. You can read more on the Stranahan House in a future blog post.

Stranahan House

Riverwalk Water Trolley

There is a FREE water trolley that you can ride to different stops along both the north and south banks of the New River. The weather was so nice out that I rode the water trolley up and down the New River. Although the water trolley is FREE, the captains do accept tips. Consider carrying cash with you, if you decide to take advantage of the water trolley.

The Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale is free to visit, about a mile long, and never closes. You can walk along it at any time, day or night. If you are ever in the Downtown, Fort Lauderdale. I highly recommend you check it out. Give yourself about 2 hours or so to explore the area and wear comfortable shoes.

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