How To Prioritize Your Health

How To Prioritize Your Health

How To Prioritize Your Health

I am going to show you how to prioritize your health. In three areas of your life physically, mentally, and emotionally. Everything that I am going to share with you in this blog post are things that I do to prioritize my health.

Prioritize Your Health Physically

Diet & Exercise

Let’s start with the basics, which is diet and exercise. As a Personal Trainer, diet and exercise are a priority for me. However, a lot of people struggle with both diet and exercise. Making sure that you are getting enough micronutrients and macronutrients from your diet is important for your physical health. As well as ensuring that you are exercising regularly at least two to three times a week depending on your lifestyle. So the first step to prioritizing your health physically is by starting with your diet and exercise.

Hair, Skin, and Nails

Next, take a look at your hair, skin, and nails. These are great indicators about your overall health. Below are a list of questions that you can ask yourself when doing an assessment on your hair, skin, and nails.

Is your hair dry?
What does your scalp look like?
Do you have split ends?
Are you getting it cut and trimmed regularly? These are great

Is your skin dry or oily?
Do you have acne?
Are you wearing SPF?
What is your skincare routine?

Are your nails discolored?
Are your nails thick or thin?
Do you bite your nails?
Do you cut and trim your nails regularly?

I recently shared my Hair Care Routine, Skincare Routine, and Nail Care Routine here on the blog. If you are interested in reading more about my routines. Then click the links above to read.

Regular Doctor Visits

Lastly, make sure that you are visiting your doctors regularly. It’s great to prioritize your health physically from the outside. But we cant forget about the inside. Even if you feel healthy, it’s important to see your doctors regularly. In order to get physicals, check ups, and your blood drawn. Because you don’t know what is going on internally without those test results. Seeing your doctors regularly is a great way to prevent something early on that you might not be aware of. If you are able to catch something early you have betters odds of improving your health. Rather than waiting until it’s too late and its irreversible.

Prioritize Your Health Mentally

Take A Break

One way you can prioritize your healthy mentally is by taking a break. Now I’m not talking about taking a 15 minute or 20 minute break. Use the vacation time that you have accrued and take time off. Many people let their vacation time accumulate to the point where they end up losing it because they haven’t taken any time off. It’s important to take a break from the “hustle culture” that we are all so familiar with.

When you take a break you are giving yourself the opportunity to rest and relax. By doing this when you do get back to it, your going to be able to look at everything with fresh eyes and a new perspective. It might even get the creative juices flowing. Because before you were stagnant constantly looking at the same thing every single day.

Another way you can take a break. Is by taking rest days off from the gym. If you workout regularly and or are going to start, since we mentioned exercise earlier. Make sure that you are taking rest days off from the gym. In order to let your body recover from working out. Rest days are where you see the most progress. Where your body gets to rest, recover, and rebuild. When you do go back to the gym your body is going to be well rested and you are going to have an even better workout then if you hadn’t rested at all.


I think that reading is a great way to keep your mind sharp. It’s important to read, especially as an adult. I know of a lot of people who haven’t picked up a book since they were in school. With that said, they have essentially stopped learning. If you are not reading new material you are not improving your vocabulary, learning about new topics, or developing new skills. If you do not like to ready physical books you can always listen to podcasts and or audio books.

Brain Dump

I struggle with anxiety from time to time, and one way I combat it, is by doing a brain dump once a week. One day while I was on YouTube I came across this Video by Mel Robbins were she explained how to get rid of anxiety by doing a brain dump. It was such a simple concept. But I fell in love with the idea that I do it now weekly.

When I feel anxious, I write everything that I have on my mind on a piece of paper. Literally every single thing that comes to mind. Once I am done, I’ll take a look at what all I wrote down and cross off the items on the list that are not in my control. Next, I take a look at what’s left and put everything into categories. For example, things that I can take action on in my personal life, errands that I have to run, and or anything business related that I have to follow up on.

Once I have everything categorized on my list. I take the next week, to focus on knocking one thing out at a time. By doing a brain dump once a week, it has improved my mental health tremendously. I feel calm, cool, and collected afterwards. I am able to drown out the noise essentially and focus on what really matters.

How To Prioritize Your Health Mentally

Prioritize Your Health Emotionally

Deep Breathing Exercises

Whenever I feel a strong emotion. Whether its joy, excitement, anger, or sadness. I like to focus on deep breathing exercises. By taking deep breaths it helps me figure out what my emotional state is. It’s important for me to know what emotion I’m feeling exactly at any given time so that I can respond accordingly instead of reacting to things.


Sometimes instead of doing deep breathing exercises, I like to meditate. When I mediate I think about what emotion was triggered and why. I’ve learned a lot about myself during meditation. These moments of self reflection have helped me figure out what triggers which emotions and how to recognize them. I found meditation to be difficult to do at first. I started by listening to guided meditations and after a while I was able to gradually mediate on my own without guidance.


I find journaling to be very therapeutic. I get a lot of clarity out of rereading what I write in my journal. Clarity helps me find focus, direction, and push through doubt. I don’t journal everyday, I only journal when I feel the need to journal.

Something that I do that I think you might find helpful. Is keeping your journal for a year. Occasionally I will open my journal from the past year and read an entry that is from around the same time the previous year. You’d be amazed by how much your life can change in a year.

That’s a wrap. Those are my tips on how to prioritize your health. In three areas of your life physically, mentally, and emotionally. I did film a YouTube video to compliment this blog post. If you would like to watch it, click the link below.

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