The Secret To Long Healthy Hair

Hair Care Routine

The secret to long healthy hair is my hair care routine. I always get compliments on my hair. I am constantly being asked what products do I use? How do I care for it? How often do I get it cut? So, on and so forth…if you are curious about my hair care routine then keep reading to learn the secret to long healthy hair.

The Keratin Treatment

My hair is very thick, curly, and course. With that said, every four to six months, I get the keratin treatment done on my hair. The keratin treatment chemically straightens my hair and washes out over time. I get this treatment done because I like the way my hair looks straight, it’s easy to style, and doesn’t take as long for me to get ready. If you want to know more about the keratin treatment. I go more into detail about it in this post.

Wash Your Hair Less Often

I usually wash my hair once a week, sometimes twice a week. It depends on how sweaty I get at the gym. I’ve read that its better to wash your hair less often. Because the more you wash your hair, you strip your hair of the essential oils that it needs to stay healthy and moisturized.

Use The Right Products

Due to the fact that I get the keratin treatment done on my hair. I have to use a paraben free and sulfate free hair products. I currently use Ouai Fine Shampoo and Ouai Fine Conditioner to wash my hair.

While in the shower, I wash my hair with shampoo twice and then I use the conditioner. I like to let the conditioner sit in my hair for a few minutes before rinsing it out. I’ll lather my hair in the conditioner and then put it up in a clip, while I rinse my body off. When I am about to step out of the shower. I rinse the conditioner out of my hair along with any excess water. Then I wrap my hair up in a towel on the top of my head.

Air Dry Whenever Possible

I let my hair sit up in a towel for 10-15 minutes. In order to let the towel soak in as much water as it can. After I’ve towel dried my hair. Next, I will use the “Wet Brush” to comb my hair. This by far has been the best brush that I’ve ever used when detangling my hair. After I’ve brushed and detangled my hair, I like to let my hair air dry before I style it. I try to limit how much heat I put to my hair as much as possible.

Use A Leave In Conditioner

When my hair is relatively dry. I like to put Ouai Leave-In Conditioner in my hair. It helps lock in moisture and keeps my hair feeling hydrated. I’ll spray a generous amount throughout my hair. Starting with my scalp and then work my way down to the ends. Next, I use a Chi Straightener to straighten my hair. When I go to put the finishing touches on, I like to use a little bit of Johnson’s Baby Oil to tame those unruly baby hairs that tend to stick out near my forehead.

Get Regular Trims & Cuts

As I mentioned before, I get the keratin treatment done on my hair every four to six months. When I get the keratin treatment done on my hair. Towards the end of the treatment when my hair stylist has finished styling my hair. She will either trim the ends or give me a hair cut. We usually decide based on how my ends look. If a trim will suffice or a cut is needed.

So there you have it, the secret to long healthy hair. My hair care routine in a nutshell.  I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. If you have any questions feel free to comment down below.

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