Evening Routine

I have adopted an evening routine recently on the nights where I am home alone. As I continue to practice it, I look forward to it more and more.

Once I am ready to settle down for the night, I start with taking a shower. I use a dry brush against my body starting from my feet and then I work my way up. Then I hop in the shower. Once I am done with my shower, I towel dry myself and put coconut oil all over my body.

After I get dressed, I will go to my bedroom and light a candle on my nightstand. Next, I will turn on my iPad and find a station to play on Pandora. By candle light, I will pray and write down notes to myself for the following day. Once I am ready to go to sleep, I turn off Pandora and blow out the candle. Then say good night to Zena, and lay my head down to rest.




I would like to say that I practice this routine every night but that is not the case. On nights where Dorian is working and I am home alone I will usually follow this routine. However, on the nights where Dorian is not working. We will usually stay up late and watch a movie or play video games. I also wrote a blog post on my morning routine, you can read about it here.

What does your evening routine look like?

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