Evening Routine

Evening Routine

The next day starts the night before.

Evening Routine

At the beginning of the year I updated you guys on what my current morning routine was. You can read it here. Now I’m going to share my evening routine with you. This is what I do to wind down before I go to bed.

8:00 PM

Once I am ready to settle down for the night, I’ll take Zena for a walk.

Then I’ll get ready to take a shower. Before I jump in the shower I use a dry brush against my body. I start from my feet and then I work my way up. Once I’ve done that, I’ll hop in the shower. Afterwards, I towel dry myself and put coconut oil all over my body.

9:00 PM

After I get dressed, I’ll spritz myself with one of my favorite perfumes, usually Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture. Next I will go to my bedroom and turn on the lamp that sits on my nightstand. I’ll make sure that my alarms are set for the following day on my phone. Then play a relaxing station off pandora.

I’ll usually curl up in bed for about thirty minutes to an hour. I will skim thru a women’s health magazine and or read a book. I’m currently reading, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It’s a good read, I highly recommend it.

10:00 PM

Once I am ready to go to sleep. I turn off Pandora, say goodnight to Zena, and lay my head down to rest.

This is my current evening routine. I hope you enjoyed reading it. What does your evening routine look like? I would love to hear all about it. Please comment below.

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