The Perfect Morning Routine

The Perfect Morning Routine

The way we begin our morning sets the tone for the entire day.

The Perfect Morning Routine

After a lot of trial and error, I have crafted the perfect morning routine. I think that it’s important to have a routine. Because it adds structure to your day, eliminates decision making, and saves a lot of time. I’m going to share what my current morning routine looks like. Starting from the moment that I wake up, to when I get my day started.

If you haven’t already read my blog post on The Ultimate Night Routine. Then I suggest you read that blog post first. Before you read this one. Because, the next day starts the night before. I do a lot of things during my night routine to prepare for my morning routine.

Wake Up 4:45 AM

I like to start my day at 4:45 AM. I use to wake up at 5:00 AM but then got into the bad habit of laying in bed for 15 minutes before I actually got up. With that said, I started to wake up fifteen minutes earlier at 4:45 AM in order to account for the time that I lay in bed. When I finally get out of bed, the first thing that I do is make my bed. Personally, I like having my bed made. It’s just visually satisfying, every time I walk into my bedroom and see that the bed is made.

Get Ready 5:00 AM

After I make my bed. I go into the bathroom and take off my glasses and put in my contacts. Once my contacts are in, I brush my teeth. I am right handed but I brush my teeth with my left hand. I watched an interview with Mel Robbins and she shared that she uses her non dominant hand to brush her teeth. It is said that if you do this you will improve your motor control and strengthen the neural connections in your brain.

Next, I will do my Skincare Routine. Then take my hair out of the braid that I slept in and brush my hair. I usually style my hair in a ponytail, a braid, or a bun. After I style my hair I change into workout clothes.

Stretch 5:30 AM

Once I have changed into my workout clothes. I like to grab my laptop and sit-down on the floor. In this wide open area in front of my footboard in my bedroom. I’ll sit down on the floor and stretch anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes. While I am stretching, I like to watch YouTube videos. I’ll watch videos from some of my favorite YouTubers and or motivational videos to get me mentally prepared for the day.

I mostly do static stretches. However, if I am feeling sore and or have a lot of knots in certain areas. Then I will foam roll instead. A foam roller is a tool used to massage your body in order to help with recovery. If you want to learn more about foam rolling. I wrote a blog post on, How To Use A Foam Roller.

Workout 6:00 AM

At 6:00 AM I like to put on my gym shoes and go to the gym. Most of the time, I workout in my garage gym but sometimes I will workout at the gym in my community. Depending on what I am working out. My workout routine will last anywhere between an hour to an hour and a half. Very rarely will it hit the two hour mark. If you want to know more about my workout routine then read, My Current Workout Routine.

For inspiration, on different workouts that you can do. Read some of my previous blog posts, where I share “Workouts” that I have done. You can also check out my YouTube channel, where I have a “Workout Videos” playlist.

Clean 7:00 AM

After I workout, I will take an hour to clean two rooms in my house. I will split my time between 30 minutes in one room and 30 minutes in another room. Since I am already sweaty and gross from my workout. This is the perfect time to knock out a quick tidy. I go more into detail about this, in a previous blog post that I wrote. Where I shared, My Weekly Cleaning Routine. That blog post also includes a cleaning checklist that you can download and use.

Shower 8:00 AM

Once I am done cleaning, I will pick out what I am going to wear for the day. Depending on what all I am going to be doing. I may pick out more than one outfit. For example, if I am going to be working from home, training clients, and or filming YouTube videos. Once I have picked out what I am going to wear. Then I will take a shower. After I get out of the shower. I will do my Skincare Routine, get dressed, and then get my day started.

Start My Day 9:00 AM

I have a different focus for my business each day. Depending on what all I have going on. Some days I work from home and focus on the blog. Other days I am out doing personal training sessions. Then there are days where I am filming YouTube videos. As I mentioned earlier, these are things that I will take into consideration when picking out my outfit and or outfits for the day. No two days look the same for me.

Watch On YouTube

This concludes the perfect morning routine. I filmed my morning routine on my YouTube channel to compliment this blog post. It’s linked down below for you to watch. Don’t forget to “Like” this video and “Subscribe” to my YouTube channel. So you can keep up with my latest videos. I upload new videos every Sunday and Thursday.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post, the perfect morning routine. By sharing my morning routine, I hope that I have inspired you to create a morning routine of your own. If you have any questions feel free to comment down below.

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