The Ultimate Triceps Workout

The Ultimate Triceps Workout

I posted the ultimate triceps workout video on to my YouTube channel. I wanted to compliment it with a blog post. The exercises are listed below along with the link to the video.

The Ultimate Triceps Workout

  • Pull Ups: Grab ahold of the pull up bar with your palms facing forward. Be sure to have a tight grip, as you hold onto the pull up bar. Lower your body until your arms are extended with a slight bend. Pause and hold for a moment. Then pull your body upward until your chest just barely touches the pull up bar. Repeat 3 sets of 15. If you have never done this exercise before, use an assisted machine if it’s available in your gym.


  • Dips: Using parallel bars, hold your body at arms length above the bars. Then slowly lower your body down. Pause and hold.  Then slowly raise your body back to where you started. Repeat 3 sets of 15.


  • Overhead Tricep Extension: Start by grabbing a dumbbell and lifting it above your head until your arms are extended. Your palms should be facing up towards the ceiling. Lower the dumbbell behind your head and above your head. Repeat 3 sets of 15.


  • Bench Press: Lie on a flat bench and grip the bar above you. Lift the bar and hold it above you with your arms locked. Slowly lower the bar until it almost touches your chest. Pause and hold. Then slowly raise the bar back to where you started. Repeat 3 sets of 15.


  • Tricep Pull Down: Use the straight bar attachment for this exercise. Grab the bar with an overhand grip. Then slowly lower the bar until it almost touches the top of your thighs. Pause and hold. Then slowly raise the bar back up to where you started. Repeat 3 sets of 15.

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