The Best Travel Souvenirs

The Best Travel Souvenirs

Souvenir: A thing that is kept as a reminder of a person, place, or event.

The Best Travel Souvenirs

One of the best parts about traveling besides the trip itself is taking a souvenir home with you. I am going to share the best travel souvenirs with you. Basically, the three souvenirs that I look forward to getting whenever I travel. These are easy to find, affordable, and suitcase friendly.

Passport Stamp

If you travel outside of the country. You will most likely use a passport as a form of ID. I look forward to getting a stamp in my passport whenever I travel outside of the country. My passport literally keeps a record of my travels. When I look through my passport. I am reminded of where I have been, the amazing experiences that I have had, and look forward to where I will go to next. If you are curious to know where all I’ve traveled to, check out my Bucket List.

A misconception while on a cruise, is that you cannot get your passport stamped. That is simply not true. Customs usually has an office within walking distance of the port that you are visiting. If you go to the customs office they will gladly stamp your passport.

Local Currency

Ever since I can remember I have always collected coins. When I started traveling, I began to collect bills as well. I think it is very interesting that every country has a different form of currency. A different size, color, hologram etc. I look forward to learning who is on the face of the bill (president, monarch, and or prime minister) and if there is a country motto listed on it the story behind it. At times you can find the countries coat of arms or seal on the currency and it can give you some insight into the history of the country. I’ve collected currency from The Bahamas,  CanadaDominican Republic, Mexico, and a bunch of other countries.

The Best Travel Souvenirs

Christmas Ornaments

One day as I was browsing a souvenir shop. I came across an ornament that I liked. It was then that it dawned on me that if I purchased ornaments as souvenirs when I travel. At the end of the year, I could decorate my Christmas tree with them. This would be a cute and fun way to reminisce on my travels. While at the same time remind me going into the new year to continue to travel. The ornament that you see below, is of a sandal with a the word Bahamas written on the sole.


This is not to say that I do not buy other souvenirs when I am traveling. But I do keep the dust collectors to a minimum. I only buy pieces that really stand out to me and that I truly love.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. If you have any questions feel free to comment down below. If you’re into DIYs then check out this blog post on How To Make A Vacation Jar. It’s a great alternative to buying souvenirs.

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