The Ultimate Night Routine

The Ultimate Night Routine

The next day starts the night before.

I recently shared The Perfect Morning Routine with you. Now, I’m going to share the ultimate night routine with you.

The Ultimate Night Routine

Stretch & Foam Roll

When I’m ready to wind down for the night. I start my evening routine by stretching and or foam rolling. I will hold poses anywhere from 30 seconds up to a minute. This is a great way to check in with your body to see how you feel. I’ll notice if I feel anxious, have sore muscles, or any problem areas. That I may need to tend to or be aware of, for when I train the following day. Overall, it makes me feel good, centered, and grounded when I stretch before bed. Sometimes I’ll even do a short yoga sequence instead. It depends on how I feel.


This is a MUST for when I go to bed. When I stretch and foam roll, I’m usually rolling around on the floor. So when I’m done I like to take a shower. When I get out of the shower, I usually change into a nightgown. I like the way a nightgown feels against my skin. It feels soft and silky. Most if not all of my night gowns are from Victoria’s Secret. Once I’ve changed into a nightgown, I brush my teeth, wash my face, and comb my hair.


During the day, I wear contacts. However, at night I like to change into my glasses. This gives my eyes an opportunity to rest from wearing my contacts all day.


After I’ve taken out my contacts and changed into my glasses. I like to lower the brightness on all of my electronic devices. Which include my iPhone and my MacBook Air. My iPhone automatically lowers the brightness in the evening hours. But sometimes I’ll lower it all the way down. My MacBook Air doesn’t automatically lower the brightness, so I manually do it.


Last but not least, I like to plan out the following day in my planner. Inside of my planner, I have time block sheets that I use to plan out my days. I’ll make a to do list of everything that I want to do for the following day. Then I use a pencil and roughly plan my day by time blocking everything that I wrote out on my to do list.

This concludes the ultimate night routine. I filmed my evening routine on my YouTube channel to compliment this blog post. Click the link below to watch.

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