How To Do A Pistol Squat

How To Do A Pistol Squat

How To Do A Pistol Squat

Personally, I like to challenge myself at the gym by learning how to do an exercise that I have never done before. I started off by challenging myself to do diamond push ups, then pull ups, and now I have just learned how to do a pistol squat. The tips that I am about to share with you are the steps that I took to learn how to do a pistol squat. I hope that you find them helpful and are able to do a pistol squat in the near future.

Narrow Stance Squats

The first thing that I did when learning how to do a pistol squat. I added narrow stance squats to my leg routine. These feel awkward at first and take some getting use to. I kept wanting to move my feet hip width apart. But I forced myself to stick with the narrow stance.

The narrow stance helped me get use to having my legs close together when bending down low.

Single Leg Squats

Next, I started to do single leg squats using the footboard of my bed. Once I got comfortable doing the single leg squats at the height of my footboard. I challenge myself to go even lower by using one of the chairs from my dining room set. From there I  literally did single leg squats on any surface I could find that went lower and lower and lower.

The single leg squat helped me practice the form of doing a pistol squat, as well as dropping down low and getting back up.

Assisted Pistol Squats

When I felt comfortable doing single leg squats and could no longer find a surface close to the floor that wasn’t the floor. I started to do assisted pistol squats. I would alternate between doing a cable assisted pistol squat and a TRX suspension assisted pistol squat.

The assisted pistol squat really helped me gage my upper body strength in being able to pull myself up off the floor.

Pistol Squat

Once I felt comfortable doing assisted pistol squats with little to no effort. I tried doing one on my own and I was able to do it. I could only do two to three at a time. But after a while, I kept practicing and was able to do more. I still revisit the steps above to help me improve my balance, form, and endurance.

Personal Training

If you are interested in Personal Training and want to work with me. Then click here to go to my coaching website. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. If you have any questions feel free to comment down below.

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