What Is Minimalism?

What Is Minimalism?

What Is Minimalism?

Minimalism is the desire to do more with less. There is nothing wrong with owning material possessions. But minimalism is a lifestyle that can help you find freedom from things. We put way too much emphasis on the stuff that we own. Forsaking our finances, health, passions, and relationships. Embracing minimalism will allow you to be more intentional with your life and the decisions that you make.

Misconceptions About Minimalism

In order to practice minimalism, you do not need to get rid go everything that you own. You do not have to practice it in all aspects of your life. You can practice it in the areas in your life that you feel you can do with less. For example, I practice minimalism with my home decor. I prefer to have a spacious living environment free from clutter.

However, I do not practice minimalism when it comes to my wardrobe. I like having a variety of options when it comes to the clothing that I wear. Depending on the weather, event, and or occasion that I am attending. It may require a specific attire. That’s why I don’t practice minimalism with my clothing.

Minimalism is not about restrictions. It’s is about getting rid of excess so that you can focus on what’s more important in your life. It’s about freedom. What most people don’t realize is that all of this excess that you have is what is restricting you. It limits the freedom that you have and is preventing you from growing.

Becoming A Minimalist

A minimalist is a person who wants to have less material things. They don’t want the latest electronic gadget or a new piece of furniture. Minimalists are happy with what they have and don’t continue to crave for more. They want to simplify their life as much as possible. By removing anything that will distract them from living with intent.

30 Day Minimalism Challenge

If you want to incorporate minimalism in your life and or become a minimalist. I recommend that you start with the 30 Day Minimalism Challenge. If you’ve never heard of the 30 Day Minimalism Challenge. Basically you declutter and get rid of items that you own over the course of a month. You get rid of the number of items that correspond with the day. For example, on day one you get rid of one item. On day two you get rid of two items. So on and so forth for an entire month. By the end of the month you will have gotten rid of 465 items. I recently did this challenge myself and recorded it on my YouTube channel.

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