The Top Knot Baseball Cap


The Top Knot Baseball Cap

Convenient. Comfortable. No Compromises.

I’m excited to announce that I’ve collaborated with Top Knot, to showcase the Top Knot baseball cap. If you are not familiar with Top Knot. It’s a company based in Canada, that designs baseball caps specifically for women. What’s unique about their baseball caps is that they have a magnetic strip along the back that allows you to wear your hair in any hairstyle at any height. You can wear your hair up in a high pony tail, a mid to low bun, and or wear it down. Whichever style you pick this baseball cap was made for both fashion and function.

The Top Knot Baseball Cap

Top Knot has two different designs for their baseball caps. A Casual Top Knot and a Performance Top Knot. They sent me both so let me tell you the difference between the two.

Casual Top Knot

The Casual Top Knot comes in three different colors black, white and red. I chose to go with white so that I could wear it with any outfit. Its made of a really soft satin finish fabric and the top has a structured crown. I liked that the crown was structured because it felt firm and secured on top of my head.

Performance Top Knot

The Performance Top Knot comes in five different colors black, white, pink, blue, and green. I chose to go with black because as a Personal Trainer I plan on wearing it during my training sessions. A lot of my workout clothes are black so it will match perfectly and also I figured the sweat stains won’t be as noticeable wearing it in black. It’s made of a lightweight breathable fabric and the crown is unstructured making it more flexible.

Redefine Your Headwear


Why did I choose to collaborate with Top Knot?

I chose to collaborate with Top Knot because I like the idea that these baseball caps are designed specifically for women. I personally have always had a hard time wearing baseball caps because they never fit and or I could only wear my hair in a limited amount of ways.

The magnetic strip along the back is a game changer. I can now wear a baseball cap comfortably without compromising how I style my hair. As a personal trainer, I wear my hair up in a high pony tail majority of the time. I like the idea that I can now dress up my workout outfits by wearing the Top Knot baseball cap.

Its functional for what I do for work, yet fashionable that I can easily wear it out and about in my everyday life. The Top Knot baseball cap fits into my lifestyle in more way than one.

Discount Code

As part of my collaboration with Top Knot, they have given me a discount code to share with you. If you are interested in buying a Top Knot go to when you go to check out use my code TKADORNO15 for 15% off your entire order.

***Update*** The Top Knot Baseball Cap is now available on Amazon. If you are interested in the Casual Top Knot or the  Performance Top Knot you can shop them now on Amazon.

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