How Minimalism Changed My Life

How Minimalism Changed My Life

How Minimalism Changed My Life

How minimalism changed my life may sound like an exaggeration. But in all honesty it’s not. Minimalism changed my life for the better. I recently did the Minimalism Challenge, where I decluttered the items that I owned over the course of a month. This challenge has impacted my life in a way that it will forever be changed.

Below are ways in how minimalism changed my life. I hope that by sharing my experience with you. You will be inspired to embrace minimalism and have it change your life as well.


Minimalism increased my awareness. I became more aware of the things that I owned. Whether they served a purpose, how often did I use them, and if they improved the quality of my life. Raising your awareness is not something to be taken lightly. Because you are making yourself conscious to something that you weren’t aware of before. I am more aware of the things that I own in such a way that it will impact the decisions that I make in the future.

Quality Over Quantity 

Quality over quantity means to choose things of high value over an amount or number of things. I’ve heard this phrase before but only applied it to certain things. It didn’t resonate with me until I started pairing down the items that I owned, that this phrase can be applied to everything. Choosing between what I valued more a single item or a select few over a large quantity of items. Made me understand this phrase a lot better. Having done this, going froward, I am going to be more intentional with the items that I own making sure that they are quality items.

Consume Less

I now consume less. By getting rid of items that no longer served me. I am more mindful of what I bring into my life. I didn’t get rid of a bunch of items, just to go out and accumulate more. By reducing my consumption, I have also reduced the amount of waste that I produce. 

Reclaim Time

Owning and have less makes everything effortless. There are less items for me to clean and organize. Nothing is misplaced. I know where everything is, so I don’ spend time searching for anything. Because everything is clean, organized, and in its place. My environment is more efficient and I am able operate at a higher level. I have been able to reclaim time that I didn’t know that I had lost.

Eliminate Discontent

Minimalism helped eliminate any discontent that I felt among the things that I owned. I wasn’t even aware that I was unhappy with anything until I started to get rid of things. What I have noticed is that minimalism doesn’t allow for any discord to be present. By eliminating the discontent that I felt among the things that I owned. I now have a greater appreciation for what I have and chose to keep.

Those are the ways in how minimalism changed my life. I hope that you enjoyed reading this blog post. If you have any questions feel free to comment down below. If  you would like to see my minimalism journey, then watch my minimalism playlist on YouTube.

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