My High School Reunion

High School Reunion

“Shout out to old people for graduating high school without Google”

I knew that this day would eventually come. I expected a random invitation to end up in the mail. Instead what I got was a Facebook page invite to my high school reunion. I have to admit I was really impressed by all of what the planning committee had in store for the, Class of 2007.

My High School Reunion

On the Facebook page there was a request line where everyone could request throwbacks that reminded us of our high school days. The DJ put together a playlist that included our requests for the reunion.

You could also submit photos on the Facebook page for a slideshow. There were three different slideshows that took place, a flashback, remembrance, and celebration. The flashback slideshow had photos of fun memories from high school. The remembrance slideshow had photos of members of our class who have passed away. The celebration slideshow had photos of people from our class who have gotten engaged, married, or became parents.

My High School Reunion


Everyone kicked off the reunion by attending a home football game at our high school on Friday. I hadn’t been back to the school since graduation. It was so strange walking the halls, the school looks exactly the same. We ending up winning 68-0, Go Knights!!! After the football game everyone went to a bar called the Brass Tap for drinks. It was a really good turn out, I was pleasantly surprised. It was a nice way to slowly ease into the reunion and get familiar with everyone again. The Brass Tap ended up donating 10% of the proceeds to the high school.


On Saturday we had the reunion at Seven Springs Golf and Country Club. Up until now I was really excited for the reunion but as I was driving there I got butterflies in my stomach. It was semi formal, I wore a burgundy dress with nude heels. Everyone took advantage of the bar to start and then slowly started mingling. I recognized almost everyone except for forgetting a few names here and there. They served dinner and then everyone hit the dance floor. The DJ was playing throw backs from 2007 all night. After the reunion everyone went to a bar called Molly Mahone’s Irish Pub and kept the parting going.

Overall, I had a great time and I enjoyed catching up with everyone.

Class of 2007

If you want to see more from my High School Reunion then check out the video below.

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