Zena Turned Three

My bright eyed and bushy tailed fur baby turned Three Years Old!!! For those of you that don’t know I have a German Shepherd named Zena and her birthday was on Friday which was St. Patrick’s Day.

I can’t believe she is already three years old. I remember picking her up from a breeder out in Stuart at four months old. Now I have had dogs in the past growing up but they were outside dogs. I’ve never had an inside dog before or had one starting as a puppy and seeing it grow up. This was a first for me. We have definitely gone through some growing pains but I couldn’t be happier with my decision to get her. Zena has taught me a lot and for that I will be forever grateful.




So in celebration of Zena turning three years old, starting on Sunday and leading up to her birthday which was Friday I gave her something each day. I also vlogged her sniffing, eating, and playing with her gifts. You can check it out in the video below.



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Do you have a fur baby? If so what kind?

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