Yoga On The Beach

Back in November I made a blog post about going to a Moonlight Yoga class in Deerfield Beach with two of my girlfriends, you can read about it here. Well I stumbled upon the moonlight yoga class via an event on Facebook with Sand Angel Yoga. I really enjoyed it, and started following them.

Yoga On The Beach

Earlier this week I noticed that the same woman, who I now know as “Courtney” was hosting another yoga class in the morning on Saturday. I went and had the best experience.

The class started at 8:00 am. I was a few minutes late because I couldn’t find parking. However, I was able to jump right in. I brought a backpack with me that had a blanket, water, and my wallet inside. I wore what I would normally wear to the gym except I wore a hat as well. The sun was out but it wasn’t hot, there was a nice breeze that made it cool, and the sound of the waves crashing was really relaxing.

Doing yoga on the beach isn’t the same as doing yoga on a flat surface. The sand made it more challenging and almost gave a balance element to each move. I really enjoyed the class. Courtney was sweet, had a calming voice, and lead a great practice.

I also posted a Youtube video on my channel of a weekend vlog that includes clips of me doing yoga on the beach. Click the link below to watch.



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