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I went to a Yoga & Art Flow class this weekend in Boynton Beach. It was so much fun. Two woman collaborated and hosted this event at The Copperpoint Brewing Company.


Inside the brewery, behind the scenes, they had an upstairs area that was open. It kind of looked like a loft. A woman named Christine led the yoga practice in this area. I really enjoyed the class, she had us use these tiny massage balls to alleviate pressure from our feet. I had never done that before and noticed a difference almost immediately.


After the yoga class they gave everyone a drink ticket to grab a free drink from the bar downstairs. I ended up having a beer called the witness, it was a little bitter but sweet. In the bar a woman named Melissa had a section set up with all of the art supplies. She led the art class and we painted a shadow of a woman doing a yoga pose along the beach. This was my first time doing an art class out in public and I can’t wait to do again. If you have never done one of these classes before I recommend wearing something you don’t mind getting paint on.



I have the information for both Christine and Melissa down below if you want to check them out. I also posted a weekend vlog on my YouTube channel showcasing the class. Click below to watch.

Movement & Wellness Yoga
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Mobile Masterpieces – Art on the go

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