Year End Recap

Year End Recap

Year End Recap

I don’t know about you but I’ve been reflecting a lot over the past couple of days. So much has happened over the course of this year that I’m not the same person from when this year first started. I have no idea what 2020 has in store for me but I’m excited to find out. Below is a year end recap of what all happened this past year that was memorable and noteworthy. If you are interested in reading last years recap, see a Year In Review.

Turned 30

I’m lucky enough to start off the year, not only by celebrating New Years. But by keeping the party going and celebrating my birthday as well. I turned the big 30 this year or the dirty thirty as some call it. The months leading up to this day I was dreading it. I dont know why but I thought that I had to have everything figured out by the time I turned 30. Guess what you don’t. While I have accomplished a lot and have figured out most things. I’m still learning as I go.

Traveled To Puerto Rico

For my birthday, I decided to take a solo trip to Puerto Rico. It was the best way to start of the year and to celebrate my birthday. While in Puerto Rico I stayed at the Hotel El Convento, located in the heart of Old San Juan. Where I visited the Castillo San Felipe Del Morro and the Castillo De San Cristobal. I also hiked thru El Yunque where I checked off a Bucket List item, of cliff diving from 25 feet. I ended the trip by kayaking the Laguna Grande Bioluminescence Bay.

Year End Recap

Became A Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist

In order to keep my Personal Training Certification active. I have to continue my education by earning additional credits every two years. With that said, I decided to take the Fitness Nutrition Specialist course thru the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I am now a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist. If you are seeking nutritional advice, want to change how you view food and learn how to approach food in a nutritious way. Then check out my macro consultation over on my coaching website. Pair this consultation with any one of my training programs for optimal results.

Mastered Diamond Push Ups

I love challenging myself in the gym, by being able to do something I’ve never done before. A goal that I set out for myself this year was to learn how to do Diamond Push Ups. I started off by doing push ups on my knees. As I got better and more comfortable with the movement I graduated to doing them off my knees. After a while I was able to knock out a set of push ups with no problem.

That’s when I began a similar process of learning how to do Diamond Push Ups. I started by doing Diamond Push Ups on my knees. Next, I advanced to doing Diamond Push Ups off my knees. All in all it took me a little over a month to master Diamond Push Ups. This helped me achieve my next fitness goal. Which you’ll read about here shortly.

Adopted Oliver

Last year, my German Shepherd Zena passed away. Initially, I vowed to never have another pet. However, after about a year I started to get the feeling that something was missing. I didn’t have the heart to get another dog. I thought that I would be diminishing Zena’s memory in a way.

So instead, I ventured out and started going to rescues and seeing cats. Once I realized that I wasn’t allergic to cats. I came across Oliver and it was a done deal. I adopted Oliver and he has brought so much joy into my life. Owning a cat is very different than owning a dog. Cats don’t readily give you their affection, you have to earn it.

Oliver has taught me a lot in the short time that I’ve had him. If you haven’t personally met Oliver, seen photos and or videos of him on my social media. Then check out this YouTube video, There is someone that I want you to meet… featuring Oliver.


Transitioned To Eating Meat Again (No Longer A Pescatarian)

After three years of being a Pescatarian, I’ve converted back to eating meat. I was out at dinner one night and in the middle of eating an appetizer. I came to find out that there was meat inside, I immediately stopped eating it and felt bad. Not for having eaten it but I felt bad that I couldn’t eat it because it had meat.

I went home and re-evaluated why I became a Pescatarian in the first place. I enjoyed being a Pescatarian because I felt like I had a lot more energy, didn’t feel lethargic after my meals, and my sleep had improved. But something just didn’t sit well with me as far as restricting myself from eating that appetizer. With that said, the following morning I decided that I was ready to reintroduce meat back into my diet.

Mastered Pull Ups & Chin Ups

After I mastered Diamond Push Ups. It was time for me to move on to my next challenge. I felt like my upper body was stronger from having mastered how to do Diamond Push Ups. So I decided that I wanted to learn how to do Pull Ups. After three months, of hard work and training. I can now do Pull Ups and Chin Ups on my own, with no assistance at all. I wrote a blog post on How To Do A Pull Up sharing the steps that I took in learning how to do a Pull Up.

How To Do A Pull Up

Launched The Exercise Video Library

I launched the Exercise Video Library on my YouTube channel. Which is a playlist I created on YouTube where I’ve uploaded instructional videos showing you how to do different exercises. I decided to create these videos for my clients and anyone looking to YouTube to learn how to do an exercise.

Previously, my online clients would take it upon themselves to go online and look up exercises that I listed in their programs. I didn’t know what resources they were using. So in order to ensure that my clients are doing exercises correctly. I decided to create this exercise video library that they can reference. It’s worked out really well and I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from it.

Exercise video library

Said Goodbye To A Loved One

It’s never easy saying goodbye to a loved one. My grandfather passed away just before the holidays. As difficult as this was, it was expected. He had been in and out of the hospital for a good part of the year. I was mentally prepared for it and was looking forward to him no longer suffering in pain. My family and I came together and supported one another during this difficult time. We said goodbye to my grandfather, reminisced on our past memories of him, and rejoiced in the fact that he was now with my grandmother.

Showed Off My Six Pack

After mastering Diamond Push Ups, Pull Ups and Chip Ups. I needed yet again a new challenge in the gym. Earlier in the year, I had gotten Certified as a Fitness Nutrition Specialist. So with my new found nutrition training, I decided to apply what I had learned. I’m going to go more into detail on this topic in a future blog post. However, after three months of training and fine tuning my diet. I was able to show off a shredded six pack.

All in all, as I reflect back on this year it was most definitely focused on change. I’m at peace with what is, I’ve let go of what was, and I have faith in what will be. I hope you have a Happy New Year, see you in 2020.

I filmed a Year End Recap video on my YouTube channel to compliment this blog post. Click the link below to watch.

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