Water Bottles

Voss Water Bottles

I am not a fan of your traditional water bottles. They are usually made of plastic and have a straw, nozzle, and or spout for you to drink from. If you do not clean them regularly and properly bacteria can build up inside. I have seen it happen to the bottles that I used in the past. I have also seen it among other people’s water bottles. It is disgusting.

Water Bottles

I carry a glass Voss bottle with me instead as my water bottle. It contains about 3 ½ cups of water. The opening where you drink from is large and makes the bottle very easy to clean. I drink two Voss bottles a day. I reuse them and fill them with filtered water from my refrigerator. The opening is large enough to put fruits in the bottle. If you want fruit infused water (mint with lemon is my favorite).

I personally like to carry the glass bottles. If you are not careful, they can fall and break obviously. I ran into this twice once at home and once at work. After those two initial times I learned my lesson. I am more aware of how I hold and carry the bottle. Voss does have plastic bottles if you want to avoid the possibility of breaking the bottle altogether.

*** A helpful tip: I also up-cycle and use the Voss bottles to store dry spaghetti in my pantry.

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