The Willis Tower

Chicago Skyline

I spent the weekend in Chicago, also known as the Windy City. I brought Dorian along with me to attend my older brother David’s wedding. Dorian had never been to Chicago before, so we explored the city like tourists.

The Willis Tower

We went to the Willis Tower, which used to be called the Sears Tower. It is a 108-story skyscraper right in the middle of downtown. The Willis Tower is the second-tallest building in the United States and the 14th-tallest in the world. As we ascended to the top floor they gave us a brief history of the Willis Tower. Once at the top they provided us with headphones where we could tour each window. The guided tour would tell us where landmarks were and give a brief history of Chicago. The view from the top was absolutely amazing. The view spanned up to four states.

The Skydeck

The Willis Tour had a feature called the Skydeck. Where you could step out onto a glass balcony that extended four feet outside of the 103rd floor. You could look through the glass floor and see the street underneath you. The ledge of the Skydeck is made of 1,500 pound glass panels and each balcony is comprised of three layes of half-inch thick glass. If you read about my trip to Canada, the CN Tower had a similar feature.

If you’re ever in Chicago. I highly recommend you go to the Willis Tower. There is no better view of the Chicago skyline. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post.┬áIf you have any questions please comment down below.

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