The CN Tower

The CN Tower

My first trip traveling alone was to Toronto, Canada. It was an absolutely amazing trip. While I was in Toronto I went to the CN Tower.

CN Tower

The CN Tower was definitely a sight to see. The CN Tower is a concrete communications and observation tower in Toronto. Its name CN stands for Canadian National, from the railway company that built the tower. It was constructed in 1976 and took over 40 months to complete. Over 1500 workers worked 24 hours a day, 5 days a week for 40 months to construct the CN Tower.

Toronto Skyline

Outdoor Sky Terrance

After I purchased my ticket, I took a glass elevator that rocketed 58 seconds to the look out level. Where I saw the most amazing view of the Toronto skyline, with floor to ceiling panorama windows. As I was enjoying the view I came across a revolving door that led to an outdoor terrace. Boy was it cold and windy out. There was a protected guard rail around the edge but you look out and see the entire city. It was absolutely beautiful.

The Glass Floor

Glass Floor

The Glass Floor at the CN Tower was the world’s first when it opened on June 26, 1994. Since then the CN Towers glass floor has inspired other see through floor experiences around the world. As I was walking around looking for the glass floor, I actually walked right past it. It was a really cool experience. When you look at the view it’s 1,122 ft straight down. If you click here you can read about my trip to Chicago where the Willis Tower had a similar feature.

I vlogged my entire trip. Below you can see the video of me exploring the CN Tower.

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