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After I got my NASM certification in April, I didn’t know what to do with it. I decided to reach out on Facebook and asked for volunteers to participate in a free 8 week personal training program with me. This way I could test out my coaching skills before I took on paying clients.

I had quite a few people that were interested and I narrowed it down to a few. I’ve gained so much experience from doing this and a lot of great feedback as far as what worked and what didn’t. I am ready to launch my online personal training website. Below are the items that I will be offering.

30 Minute Skype Consultation 

Since I’ve started this journey, between my Blog and YouTube Channel I’ve gotten numerous messages asking for advice on various topics. I decided to offer the opportunity to talk with me via a 30 Minute Skype Call, one on one for those of you that want to release or enhance anything  in your life. I will send you a follow up email summarizing what we discussed, any recommendations that I have, and some helpful resources you can use.

Beginner’s Guide To The Gym

So you’re familiar with the gym but you don’t know where to start and or want a structured guide to follow. Then I created this guide for you.


  • Basic Tips & Tricks
  • Ab Circuit
  • 5 Day Workout Split

Once I created the Beginner’s Guide to the Gym I decided to build off of it. I designed two additional programs an Intermediate Guide to the Gym and an Advanced Guide to the Gym. These guides will offer more advanced workout splits and bonus content.

8 Week Personal Training Program

Earlier I mentioned that I reached out on Facebook and asked for volunteers to participate in a free 8 week personal training program with me. Well the program went better than I could have imagined. The results were amazing, that I decided to offer it as a program.


  • Three 15-minute Skype consultations
  • Weekly Check Ins
  • Bi-Weekly Adjustments
  • Basic Tips & Tricks
  • 5 Day Workout Split
  • Supplement Recommendations
  • Approved Grocery List

NEMY Hoodie

If you’ve been watching my channel for some time now. You’ve probably seen me wear a white hoodie with the word “NEMY” written across the chest. I had this hoodie made, NEMY is my nickname that my brother still calls me to this day. I thought it would be fun to start branching out and play with branding. To be able to offer a product to my fans where we are #twinning. The NEMY Hoodie will be available in both white and black.

My online personal training website is on the menu bar via the link labeled “Coaching“. Also, I recently uploaded a youtube video titled “Save The Date”. Announcing the launch and I thought I would compliment it with this blog post going over the details. I have the video linked below.

Don’t forget to “Like” this video and to “Subscribe” to my YouTube channel here so you can see the next video that I will be posting. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. If you have any questions please comment below. If you are currently studying for the NASM CPT then read this post, where I share my six study tips that helped me pass the exam.

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  1. August 29, 2018 / 5:31 am

    I was wondering which certification to get. I asked three gyms and they gave me three different answers. I was searching online for a solid answer and I decided on NASM based on this site: It’s

    I narrowed it down to ACE, NASM, and ACSM … and I decided on NASM once I did a little research.

    There are some great articles here about building your personal training business, and along with helping me choose my certification, I’m also deciding on the right gym for my business.

    • adornon
      August 29, 2018 / 6:12 am

      Good luck in getting your certification.

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