Morning Routine

I have recently fallen into a pattern of routines. Previously, I posted a blog on my evening routine and now I would like to share my morning routine with you.

When I first wake up, I like to stretch in bed. Zena, my German Shepherd, will usually hear me moving about and come up to me and nuzzle me with her nose. I think that’s her way of saying good morning. After I stretch, I like to lay in bed for a few minutes and visualize any goals that I am working towards and think about what I want to accomplish for that day.

Sometimes, I write notes to myself the night before for anything that I don’t want to forget or that I need to do. So during this time I will also look at my notes.

When I finally muster the energy to get out of bed. I will get up and make my bed. Personally, I like having my bed made. I think it is visually calming anytime I enter my room. Next, I will go into the bathroom and brush my hair. I like to put it into a ponytail or in a simple braid. I will brush my teeth and wash my face with my face wash (currently I am using Dermalogica). My lips tend to be dry in the morning, so I will put some Burt’s Bees on my lips and get dressed to take Zena out for a walk.

After I take Zena for a walk, I will feed her and fill her water bowl then go into the kitchen and make myself some breakfast. A typical breakfast for me is oatmeal with orange juice, and a banana or protein pancakes with fruit and water.

After breakfast, I will take a shower and usually get ready for work.

On the days where, I am off after breakfast, I will check my e-mail and social media. Next, I will work on my blog and or YouTube channel and let my food settle for an hour or so before I hit the gym.

That is my current morning routine. I hope you enjoyed reading this. If you have a routine in the morning that you follow, I would love to hear about it. Please comment below.

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