Morning Routine

Taking Zena for a walk

The way we begin our morning sets the tone for the entire day.

Morning Routine

I wanted to update you guys on what my current morning routine looks like. I also have a post on my evening routine if you would like to read that also.

4:45 AM

That is an absurd time to wake up in the morning. I am aware of this, but I do it anyways. I am what you would call a morning person.

When I first wake up, Zena, my German Shepherd, will usually hear me moving about in bed. She will come up to me and nuzzle me with her nose. That’s her way of saying good morning. I lay in bed for a few minutes and visualize the goals that I’m working towards and what I want to accomplish for the day. I will also take this time to pray.

When I finally muster the energy to get out of bed. I turn on a motivational podcast and listen to it while I make my bed. Personally, I like having my bed made. It just visually looks appealing every time I walk into my room and see that the bed is made. Next, I will go into the bathroom and brush my hair. I usually pull it up into a ponytail and then brush my teeth. Afterwards, I wash my face with Mario Badescu’s foaming cleanser and cleansing lotion. I will quickly get dressed in my workout clothes and take Zena out for a walk.

5:00 AM

After, I take Zena for a walk. I will go to Planet Fitness and do an hour of fasted cardio on the stair master.

cardio in the morning

6:00 AM

Once I’m done at the gym, I will head back home and jump in the shower. Next I’ll feed Zena and go into the kitchen and make myself some breakfast. A typical breakfast for me is oatmeal with orange juice, and a banana or protein pancakes with a chobani yogurt and fruit.

7:00 AM

After breakfast, I am ready to get my day started.

This is my current morning routine. I hope you enjoyed reading this. If you have a routine in the morning that you follow, I would love to hear about it. Please comment below.

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