How I Passed The NASM CPT

I PASSED the NASM CPT, I am officially a Certified Personal Trainer. I couldn’t be happier. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can’t wait to move forward with the plans that I made.

I want to pay it forward for anyone else who might be studying for the NASM exam and share what I think led to my success in passing. Below are the six things that I focused on while prepping for the exam. I also made a YouTube video, its linked below as well.

  1. Study Guide: While I read the textbook I made an outline of each chapter. This really helped me retain the information because I was able to paraphrase it in my own words.
  2. Vocabulary Cards: This by far I think is a must. I have a business background so a lot of the terminology was new to me. Making flash cards and reviewing them often really helped.
  3. Domains (3 & 4): Towards the end of my study guide course as I was prepping for the exam, they provided six different study guides of the entire textbook. Each study guide was weighted for what would be on the exam. I studied all of the domains but I made sure to focus on domains 3 and 4 because they weighed more than the others.
  4. Diagrams: Throughout the textbook there tables and diagrams that emphasize the main points in the chapters. I made sure to go back through the textbook and tag certain pages to go back and review.
  5. Assessments: Make sure you are familiar with all of the assessments from Chapter 9, I encountered multiple questions on the exam related to the different assessments.
  6. Overactive/ Underactive Muscles: These will definitely be on the exam. Make sure to note the difference between over/under and shortened/lengthened. They used both terms interchangeable on the exam.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. If you have any questions please comment below.

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