Glute Workout

I posted a glute workout video on my YouTube channel. I wanted to compliment it with this blog entry. The exercises are listed below along with the link to the video. I did do a 15 minute warm up on the stair master before I jumped into this workout.

Glute Workout

  • Smith Machine Squats: Start by standing straight with your toes slightly pointed out. Hold the bar with both hands, palms facing forward. Slowly lower the bar as you push your body back into a squat position. Your thighs should be parallel with the ground. Pause and hold. Then slowly raise the bar by pushing the heel of your foot against the ground back to where you started.  Repeat 3 sets of 15.


  • Seated Leg Curl: Start by siting down and positioning your body on the machine. Next, curl your legs back as far as you can. Pause and hold. Then slowly lowers your legs back down to where you started. Repeat 3 sets of 15.


  • Leg Extension: Start by placing your legs under the pad and placing your hands on the side bars. Then using your quads extend your legs out in front of you. Pause and hold. Then slowly lower your legs back down to where you started. Repeat 3 sets of 15.


  • Hip Thrusts: Sit on the floor with your back against a bench and a barbell across your legs. Lean back by resting your shoulder blades on the bench and roll the barbell above your hips. Then extend your hips up in the air with the barbell. Pause and hold. Then lower back down to where you started. Repeat 3 sets of 15.


  • One Leg Barbell Squat: Start by standing in front of a bench with a barbell resting on your shoulders. Be sure to stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Move one foot backwards and rest it on the bench. Then slowly lower your leg down in a squat position until your thigh is parallel to the floor. Pause and hold. Then slowly raise you leg back up to where you started. Repeat 3 sets of 15.


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