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I’ve seen the FabFitFun Box all over social media and finally decided to purchase it for myself. If you are not familiar with FabFitFun, it is a membership where every season you receive a box filled with items valued at $200 for only $49.99. A new box comes out every season, and you get the option to customize some of the items that you receive. I did use a $10.00 off code that I found so I only paid $39.99.

If you start your membership in-between seasons you will receive the editors box. That’s the box that I received. It features the top rated products by the editors and members.

This is not a sponsored post. I purchased the membership and wanted to share with you what I got in my first box.

First Impression

After I placed my order I was excited and anxious to receive my first box. The thrill in expecting a box and not knowing what’s going to be inside definitely has an allure to it. When I received my box it was not light by any means, there was some weight to it. As I opened it I was greeted by a FabFitFun Magazine, a discount code to share with a friend, and a note describing what was inside the box. Read on to see what I got.

The Editors Box

Tarte Cosmetics $30

When I removed the initial tissue paper I immediately recognized a brand that I currently use. It was Tarte Cosmetics. I received a double duty beauty eyeshadow palette. It has seven warm toned eye shadows and a white gold highlighter. I am so excited to use this. If you’re curious on what other Tarte products I use then check out this post.

Tarte Cosmetics

Summer Rose $54

I also received the cutest tote bag. It’s from a brand by the name, Summer Rose. It has blue and white stripes with rope handles. There are also two pockets on the inside. It’s a bit big but I think the style is so cute that it will go with any outfit.

Spongelle $16

I found a French Lavender Infused Buffer by Spongelle inside. I didn’t know what this was at first, until I took it out of the packaging. It is kind of like a loofa but more so a sponge for your body. I used it that same day and it left my skin feeling soft and silky.

Kate Somerville $75

I came across an orange box that read Kate Somerville. Inside was an intensive exfoliating treatment. It is said to improve the appearance of your skins texture. Even though I already have great skin, I will let you know how it goes.

Grace & Stella $16

I’ve recently gotten into bath bombs. Inside was a 4-pack bath bombs set from Grace & Stella. Each bath bomb was a different color and scent.

  • Wellness: Fig & White Peach
  • Good Vibes: Red Rose
  • Energize: Grapefruit & Mandarin
  • Keep Calm: French Lavender

Ayesha Curry $16

A Homemade Ceramic Mug that read “I’d Rather Be In Bed” was inside. It is a really cute oversized mug. What I like most about it is that it’s teal. Because it goes perfectly with the decor I have in my house.

Free People x Understated Leather $40

I received a starry eyed travel eye mask in mint from Free People x Understated Leather. It’s a vegan leather eye mask with adjustable elastic straps. I’ve never used an eye mask before. However, when I put this on I was surprised by how soft it was. I may incorporate it into my evening routine.

Briogeo $30

What I thought was lotion at first, I soon found out was a deep conditioning mask by Briogeo. It is supposed to restore essential hydration and natural vibrancy to your hair. I usually use coconut oil as a deep conditioner for my hair (you can read about it here) but I’m looking forward to trying the deep conditioning mask.


So In conclusion, I added up the sum total of the items that I received, based on the prices they had on the insert inside. The items in my box totaled $277.00 for which I only paid $39.99. Overall, I’m happy with my purchase of the membership.

I did film an unboxing video for my youtube channel, you can check it out below.

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