Exercise Video Library

 Exercise video library

In today’s blog post I have exciting news. I decided to create an Exercise Video Library on my YouTube channel. I’ve created a playlist on YouTube where I’m going to upload instructional videos showing you how to do different exercises.

Exercise Video Library

These videos are going to be about 20 seconds long and they are going to have a voiceover of me giving you instructions on how to do an exercise correctly.

I decided to create these videos for my clients and anyone looking to YouTube to learn how to do an exercise.

I’ve been a personal trainer for about three years now and for my clients that I don’t train locally in person one on one. I’ve had to rely on using outside sources in order to show them how to do an exercise.

I’m talking about my online clients, and or they’ve taken it upon themselves to look up the exercises that I’ve listed in their program. I don’t know what resources they are using.

So in order to make sure that my clients are doing exercises properly. I decided to create this exercise video library that they can reference.

I’ve also decided to create these videos for anyone looking to YouTube. In order to learn how to do an exercise. I want to be a part of that. I want to be a part of showing someone how to do an exercise properly so that when they go into the gym. They feel comfortable and confident that they know what to do.


I’ve linked the first video that I uploaded to the Exercise Video Library below. This is the first instructional video of many. I hope you enjoy these videos and refer to this playlist whenever your in doubt about how to do an exercise. If your interested in following along one of my workout routines then check out these posts.

Don’t forget to “Like” this video and “Subscribe” to my YouTube channel. So you can keep up with my latest videos. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. If you have any questions feel free to comment below.

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