Blogaversary: (noun) Blogging Anniversary

Happy Blogaversary!!! This month marks a year since Ive started this blog and my YouTube channel. I’ve learned a lot to say the least. Below are a few things that I wanted to highlight that Ive learned from a year of blogging.

I’ve grown as a person. Taken myself out of my comfort zone. Overcome self doubt. Challenged myself. Inspired others. Gained new skills. Etc.


Once I got my graduate degree the only writing I ever did was writing out my to do list. I had always secretly wanted to start a blog but I was afraid of what other people would think. I wasn’t even sure if I had anything to say. I’m really glad that I overcame that fear and started this blog. I’ve learned how to be a writer and I don’t take that lightly. It’s hard work but liberating being able to write your thoughts out for others to see. As I continue to write blog posts I can tell that my writing is improving. My grammatical skills aren’t too far behind either.

Technical Skills

When I first started this blog it was just an idea. I didn’t how to set up a website, or how it worked on the back end. Also, I had never even heard of WordPress. I did my research, and just got to work. I’ve self taught myself how to do everything that you see here on my website. I didn’t pay someone to do it for me. I did it on my own. I’ve gained so many technical skills in setting up this blog from domains, WordPress, themes, widgets, mail chimp, and analytics. Even to this day I continue to learn new things.

Time Management 

I’ve always been good about managing my time. But, creating content for both this blog and my youtube channel took a lot of time when I first started. I would set aside time to write a blog post or shoot a video and it would take longer than I had anticipated. Or once I was done creating the content, editing was a whole other process. Not to mention if I encounter any technical issues. For example, my electronics not being charged, or having to do an update, not hitting save, and or losing footage. Ive learned how expect the unexpected and how to better manage my time between projects. Sometimes I still struggle managing everything but I’ve gotten better over time.


I am a fairly confident person. However I’ve learned how to be confident in the content that I put out. Whether it be a blog post, photo, and or video. At first I would doubt myself all of the time. I would read and reread everything with a fine tooth comb wanting it to be perfect. I would question myself on if any of it made sense or was worth posting. Overtime I’ve learned how to get past my own bulls*** (for a lack of a better word). Now, every time I go to hit publish. I know that I’ve put my heart and soul into whatever it is that I am sharing with you guys.


Now I know how to network from different events that I’ve gone to for work that weren’t optional. But I have never voluntarily signed up to go to a networking event. I recently attended BlogHer17, a blogging conference that was held in Orlando. Now this was a three day event that gave me a crash course in networking. It was the most amazing experience. I wrote a whole blog post about it, you can read it here. Networking has taught me how to explaining my business to others. Its given me a better understanding of what my purpose is with every new person that I meet.

I’m a networking ninja, certified black belt.

Start A Business

All of the above have prepared me for starting my own business. What once started off as a blog and then a youtube channel. Has morphed into a personal training certification, branding and me about to start my own business. I’ve found something that I’m truly passionate about and that I enjoy doing. Regardless of how many hours pass by as I’m working on a blog post and or editing a video.

Happy Blogaversary!!! I can only hope that you find something that brings you as much joy as this blog brings to me. As I mention in the beginning of this blog post. This month marks a year since Ive started both this blog and my YouTube channel. Below I linked a video recapping my first year on YouTube.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. If you have any questions please comment below.

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